Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues


Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues.

Singing the blues is hard while going through it, however, you gain perseverance points and character.  I always hate when the blues kick in, whether prompted by external force or manifested by internal misalignment. Either way, here they are.  Finding an interest is one of the best things to do, in my opinion.  For example, if you play guitar, go play the blues.  If you sing, go sing the blues. If you draw, go draw the blues. If you feel like you are wallowing too much, then play/sing/draw the opposite.  At any rate, owning the blues and getting lost in your “interest” is what makes your “interest” so interesting.  I don’t like feeling negative emotions, but they are what have played a huge role in some of the most incredible creations.  Somewhere through the process, there always seems to be a pivotal moment where the “blues” dissipate into something else.  If they don’t reinvent themselves into a more productive and tolerable emotion then I at least have a new creation out of the whole experience. If the core of the blues has not yet been examined, it is now time to be alone and watch some television or listen to music.  Something effortless, that can set the temperature for my mood.  If I am hungry, it’s also time to have my favorite snack.  The combination of creation, on to relaxation usually does the trick.  Later, there is always something to reflect on as a result of the “blues”.  Whatever the situation may be, it will always pass, and things will begin to illuminate again.  That is the cycle of life. Owning it can be a really positive situation no matter what the problem is.

I just had the blues prior to writing this.  After involving myself in this blog, I feel better.  Now, I will go on to effortlessly watch a TV series and most likely fall asleep.  Hopefully, upon awakening, the blues are gone and a brighter chapter in the day, or night,can begin to reveal itself to my mind.